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LET GO (2018)

Roles: Director, Writer

Description: "LET_GO" tells the story of Katie, an aspiring writer, having a reunion night with her best friend from high school Briana. But will it be a night to remember? Or has time put too much of a strain in their friendship to be the same again?

Selection for the 2018 Los Angeles Script and Film Festival

Let_GO Trailer (2018)

Role: Director, Editor

Software: Canon T3iAvid Media Composer

DREammaker: Trailer (2014)

Roles: Writer, Producer, Editor

Software: Avid Media Composer

"WAke Me Up" (2014)

Roles: Director, Videographer, Editor

Equipment/Software: Canon T3i, Avid Media Composer

Coda (2012)

Roles: Editor, Actor    

Software: Avid Media Composer

Emily MerLin Acting Reel (2014)

Role: Editor

Software: Avid Media Composer

"Bones" Music Video (2013)

Roles: Director, Videographer, Editor

Equipment/Software: Canon T3i, Avid Media Composer

Complete: A Toy Story (2013)

Roles: Director, Videographer, Voice Over, Editor

Equipment/Software: Canon 3Ti, Avid Media Composer